Book Club

Welcome to the SAGE Book Club!

When it comes to helping shift the tides towards a more sustainable future, there is a lot to be done in terms of personal growth. We, as humans, always have a lot to learn, and what is one of the most traditional ways to learn? Why, through books, of course! And we just happy to know of a few nifty ones that talk about sustainability, climate change, and the mindset we need to have going forward.


Here's what the meeting schedule looks like for this quarter!

DATE, TIME, LOCATION, what needs to be read

Book List

While there are hundreds of thousands of books out there, here's the ones we're going to be taking a crack at together:

  1. Ishmael - Fall Quarter

  2. Sapiens - Winter Quarter

  3. NOT SURE - Spring Quarter


Interested in other people's thoughts on the books we're reading? Check out the links below!

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