As a sustainability club on the UCLA campus, our mission is the to cultivate the next generation of mindful industry workers by educating students on sustainability issues and providing them with the professional tools necessary to become effective leaders and sustainability advocates within their future careers. Through corporate consulting, legislation education and action, and improvement lifestyle and mindset, we hope to help inspire a social revolution that reshapes our society into one we can be proud of.

Interested in how to make a difference from within the machine? We've got information on the realm of sustainable corporate consulting: how to get into it, what you do, and how it helps make a difference.

Research on current sustainability and environmental protection legislation, details on CAN, and ways you can get involved in the law-making process.

Want to live a more sustainable life and work on your mindset? We've got research on sustainable companies, lifestyle changes that are easy to make, and a plethora of media to help expand your knowledge of sustainability.

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