While being an educated voter and advising companies on design decisions both chip away at the block, what most fail to recognize is the need for a social revolution. Many people simply don't care about climate change, which, honestly, makes sense: it's not something that's glaringly prevalent in our everyday lives (unless your town is on fire. Then it definitely is). In order to revamp society to the point where we can exist without endangering future generations or ourselves, sustainability considerations in everyday life needs to be second nature. 

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Eager to widen your perspective and expand your knowledge regarding sustainability? Bored on a Sunday night and not sure what to watch? Delve into this curated list of documentaries, TV shows, and books.

What are some easy, cheap things that you can do to live a more sustainable life? Take a look and find out. Surprisingly, you can simultaneously save a lot of money and save the planet! Doesn't get more win-win than that :)

Are you mildly insane and passionate about sustainability? Are you good with money or for some reason have a lot of money to spend on sustainability projects? Do you have a lot of time on your hands? Take a look at possible projects you or your family can undertake to help us achieve a greener tomorrow.

Our categorized, ever-expanding list of companies that put the planet first. If you find a company that we should add to the list (or one we should remove), shoot us an email!

SAGE Radio

Collaborating with UCLA Radio, SAGE is hosting a radio show  focused on  Sustainability. Tune in Monday's at 9am! Click the image above to access UCLA Radio's webpage to tune in!


Utilizing the Jane B. Semel HCI community garden, located in UCLA's Sunset Recreation Center, SAGE members are currently tending a small garden plot to further connect with the natural world.