With the focus so often on the self and what you can do to make a difference, sometimes people forget that, in all honesty, it's not exactly the little everyday habits that are in need of the most attention here; we need to remember that the biggest culprits in attacking this planet lie in the corporate sector. And their motives make sense: profits for the shareholders. We can't really blame companies for wanting this. But, unfortunately, with these attempts at rapid growth and maximizing profits, the environment pays the price, and at a the large scale of corporate mass production, the damage can be massive. Helping to gently guide the corporate world towards making more sustainable decisions is one of the most essential aspects of ensuring a more sustainable future.

What is sustainable corporate consulting?

Much like its cousin, corporate consulting, sustainable consulting attempts to help a company better itself; however, instead of being dedicated to simply helping a company maximize its profits, sustainability consultants help companies become more socially and environmentally responsible in how they conduct business operations. By bringing environmental concerns and possible alternatives to the attention of both engineers and executives, sustainable consultants can help shape a more sustainable corporate world. 


Varian Medical Systems

Varian conducts research and develops and manufactures equipment dedicated to cancer research, working to forage a revolutionary, unifying standard for oncology. 

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Outer is an outdoor is an outdoor furniture company with a focus on sustainability and longevity, dedicated to consistent innovation for consumer comfort and the health of the planet.

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Healthier Homes

Healthier Homes is a home improvement company focused on creating healthier lifestyles by providing non-toxic, environmentally friendly  materials for home decor and house design. 

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