Climate Action Night

2023: May 5, 1-4pm, Bruin Plaza

Climate Action Night at UCLA

UCLA's very first climate action night took place in Spring of 2022! Ever since then, SAGE has made it a tradition to host the event annually during Spring quarter.

Volunteer mentor professors and UCLA students will work together to generate poster boards on current events in the world of climate change and sustainability, focusing on local and federal legislature and relevant petitions. Attendees of the event will be able to carry out actions - be it signing a petition, contacting a representative, acting as an educated voter, or pledging to carry the information forward - that will have a positive impact on the current landscape of sustainability in the US and beyond. 

If you're interested in participating in or supporting the event, please contact SAGE at or @bruinsage on Instagram!

Interested in attending the event?

TBD for next year!

Interested in presenting?

Please email or dm @bruinsage on Instagram.

If you're interested in what the presentations are going to be about, feel free to reference the topic list in 2023!

SRJC Climate Action Time

As much as we at UCLA love and support the idea of a climate action night, we cannot take credit for its conception: the Santa Rosa Junior College in Santa Rosa, California, was the birthplace of CAN, led by the college's Sustainability Committee. Eager to educated students on ballot initiatives related to climate change and sustainability, the committee members put together CAN. Working with 350BayArea, the college now hosts an annual event where students from classes with a sustainability aspect to the curriculum put together presentations on legislation, ordinances, and local efforts to better our society from a sustainable perspective. In recent years, the event has expanded to include students and mentors from elementary and high schools in Sonoma County. 

If you're interested in attending and supporting their event, please check out their webpage:

CAN Archives

Want to look back on presentations from previous years? You never know, the information can still be relevant! Feel free to check out the SRJC website with their presentations from previous years, as well as our CAN archives (CAN 2023)