Gonzo Projects

You up for doing something a little crazy? Maybe put a bit more effort into this than you should? Welcome to the Gonzo Project forum, where we introduce you to all the possible paths you can take to going above and beyond when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle. 


Installing solar panels on your house (if you own one) might seem like a daunting task; however, thanks to green energy initiatives in the state of California, the process has gotten significantly easier! We have a information of solar installation companies, a general description of the installation process, and the pros and cons (hint: there are significantly more pros than cons). 

Electric Car

Whether you want to buy one or build one (the latter project appealing only to those who are both incredible and insane), as our infrastructure continues to improve, having and maintaining an electric car is becoming increasingly more feasible. We have research on current electric cars on the market, charger locations in the US (with possible routes plotted for California), commentary and links regarding the current political atmosphere regarding electric cards, and a link to the blog of someone who has built their own electric car (if you want to go that route). 


Using the basic appliances - dishwashers, washers, dryers - takes a massive amount of energy; fortunately, engineers have been working on this for decades, and there are appliances out there that are significantly more environmentally friendly. Here, we have some research and links on what's available.

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